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2 years of work at Dyson as UX & PM 

From 2021 to 2023, I worked at Dyson UK HQ as a Designer within the D&PE, Research & Design team. This team reports directly to James Dyson, and oversees the overall development of all project cross-categories. I had the chance to work first as a UX, then as a Product Manager on 2 different secret Wearable products, launching between 2024/2026. However, I also worked on the HMI & Connected app of the current & next-gen headphones that got launched in 2023 by Dyson. Here's a few highlights that I can share about my work.


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HMI analyses & re-design for next-gen

I studied the overall high-end market of headphones feature-set, and built usability maps of the location of each feature to understand the overarching rules that guides all the headphones. I planned and managed a 3month long Diary Study with over 10 participants, to check on their feature and usability feedback of 5 different headphones, each with singular and unique control-set. 


Connectivity features design

To build the next-gen headphone connectivity feature set, I had to analyse the current Dyson Zone proposal, review & test it with usability tests. I analysed the competitor app patterns, and what we should keep or copy out of it.

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Build a new high-end headphone HMI/app

For 5 months, I designed and built various versions of a future product vision for the hardware HMI controls, the mobile app design and the connectivity feature set.

The goal was to create a modern, easy-to-use experience, focusing on the key quality of the current headphones: cleaning both the air and the sound noise pollution around the user, and making it very clear to them what was being cleaned and when.

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