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Ex-Dyson Product Manager, I identify strategic business opportunities & key user needs to deliver high-value products. Welcome to my Website.



Quick access to my latest projects.

DYSON UK - 2022

B2C Health, Fitness, Air Quality App & IoT wearable

Product Manager
120+ Ppl. project
90+ Screens design
15+ User testing

B2C Anti-aggression App & IoT wearable

Founder & PM
20+ User tests
3.5/10 End test score
Dyson Award winner


As an ex-Dyson Product Manager and Product Designer, I bridge the gap between strategic vision, user-centric design, and technical implementation. My expertise lies in leading cross-functional teams to deliver innovative and user-friendly digital products that align with measured business objectives.

I have extensive AGILE  experience.

I use Agile methodologies and have successfully implemented them in various business environments. My engineering background enables me to effectively communicate with developers and understand technical requirements to ensure timely product implementation.


Glue Consultancy Director - 2023

Billy Clarke, Linkedin feedback

" Rom has this uncanny ability to take the vast and seemingly unwieldy problem back to his desk and return with a clear and obvious solution. His justifications and ability to articulate it capture his audience. And wait for it—he then orchestrates change effortlessly.

When it comes to Rom, he has made uncertainty and unpredictability and change his friend. And it’s evident: Rom has bountiful commercial awareness and operational maturity. These are his superpowers, allowing him to operate at a high capacity with bucketloads of enthusiasm and perseverance. "

Dyson Design VP & Director - 2021

Jon Marsh, Internal feedback

" Rom is very intelligent and pro-active in all that he does. He's able to quickly see solutions and has the capability to demonstrate and communicate those solutions to others. Rom has managed to quickly establish himself in the team as someone who makes things happen, brings people together and moves projects forwards at pace. I've really appreciated Romaric's proactive approach to and his ability to bring multiple disciplines together and make progress as a united "

Dyson Head of Connected Experience - 2021

Chris Howard, Internal feedback

" You've gone way above and beyond your job description Rom, essentially project managing the digital element! Your approach is thorough and I can tell you have all the right intentions to do things right, and to address the issues that we've discussed around inter-product dependancies, UI consistency etc. I also know there's plenty of frustrations to deal with and you do a good job of not letting them get on top of you. "

Dyson Lead Motion Designer - 2021

Harry Hextall, Internal feedback

" I have been nothing but inspired at how well Romaric has picked up the unnatural challenge of managing this behemoth (Health & Fitness wearable) project.

There have been so many aspect to the design of this project that he has had to get to grips with and understand. I have been impressed with his organisation skills and his planning skills. He has also been very good at managing relationships between different disciplines within this project as well. "

Dyson Lead Product Designer - 2021

Michael Ralls, Internal feedback

" Since joining the project I have found your organisation skills priceless. You have really added structure to not just within Product Experience but also with the wider teams. This has really helped with us plan our sprints and know what work we need to do and for when.

You're proactive nature to talk to people, find out answer and remove blockers where possible has been brilliant. That mind set is so important to have as a designer and it really helps us as a team. "


Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 01.23.44.png
Product Designer
+2.1% Client retent.
+1.5% Conversion
8.6/10 usab. score

Drive market-leader B2B coaching marketplace digital growth & transformation

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 02.09.41.png
Product Designer
+3% Client retent.
Brand image design
9.5/10 usab. score

Drive optician business website growth & brand awareness

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