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B2B Business Coaching website & web app design


As a Product Designer Consultant, I collaborated with the leading Business Coaching in France, Linkup, to re-design their brand image, Logo, website & web app learning platform, as part of a new digital transformation-led growth strategy.

What is it?

I designed a fully working and online coaching platform website, that allows businesses & individuals to browse for their perfect coaching course. It provides detailed breakdown of each course, with course planning, customer feedback, booking interface etc..


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Client retention


Page designed


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User interviews



2 weeks


2.Design sprint

1 month




Before starting the design, I had to understand the context & market of my client business. To do so I mapped out the competition, their ideal customer profile & gathered insights from their Google Analytics.

1. Understand my client growth objectives with a Discovery Workshop

"Make Linkup a France market leader in remote business-focused Coaching sector"

I started the project by running a Discovery Workshop with the marketing, strategy & product team to understand their current market positioning and objectives, their target audience.

1. The strategy

Linkup strategy was to use the remote-working Covid trend to reinvent itself by offering updated remote-video-based Courses. By bringing their highly qualified and awarded in-person coaching expertise to this new high-demand market, they aimed for a short-term website client retention & conversion rate 1.5/2% % increase

To do so they wanted to:

  • Re-design the brand image & logo to fit the new company digital focus

  • Re-build their online website to put forward online-based Courses 

  • Enhance their ongoing course web-apps usability & overall experience

2. Company target Persona 

Image by steffen wienberg

Persona 1: Business HR Leader

A typical main part of their audience, looking to train their teams. These users seek a structured, formal and professional-looking experience. 


Persona 2: Private Professional

This audience would be looking on their own to learn new Business-related skills by getting a coaching session booked in. They would compare both B2B and B2C-focused platforms and would consider user-friendliness as a main selling point.

2. Existing platform experience review & interview

1. Usability Tests & Interviews 

I had the opportunity to run x5 30m user interviews, gathering valuable feedback on how the platforms are being used by both parties:

  • 3 interviews of ongoing Linkup clients

  • 2 expert interviews of Linkup Coach to understand how they set up & use the web app & website to provide the Courses

2. Design & Experience review

  • Usability breaches: The overall current website contained some major usability breaches that the new one will have to fix

  • Design language & branding theme: The overall layout and brand colour schemes were not up to standards compared to other fully digital competitors

3. Google Analytic breakdown

  • I had access to the GA analytics for the current website, which allowed me to detect content value & retention trigger

See below the original website design

3. Gather Market insights

1. Market Insights

The online coaching industry is a highly competitive market with dozens of alternatives in multiple broad or highly targeted coaching sectors. One of the key differentiating factors are the third-party state-level approval the training can get awarded with. 

Here are some key insights showcasing the challenge of making an actor stand out in this crowded industry:

  1. Worldwide: From 2022 to 2019, the coaching industry's annual revenue and income increased by 62% 

  2. In France: In 2022, the coaching industry value is estimated at 250M million euros

2. Competitor design & feature breakdown

I analysed Direct, Indirect and potential competitors to detect recurring features & and design language/user experience patterns within them.